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About Group Workshop

Everyone feels their problem to be gigantic and unique. In reality, most of the  problems are  common, just with the difference of individual frames. Group  Workshops  help participants realize this commonality of issues. The realization that “I am not alone” itself starts releasing the stress. Logical and emotional structure and various aspects of the topic are discussed under guidance of the facilitator. Stories, film clippings and games also are used.


Group workshops are cost effective and time effective. Only within 4 to 5 hours, participants get clarity of the topic for which they are struggling for years.  After experiencing different perspectives, participants start thinking about their problems differently. Vulnerability to that issue is reduced and a new thought process begins in mind. Change in the approach makes the difference.

Following group workshops are readily available for Organizations and Companies, in following forms

  • 90 minutes introductory session (on-line preferred)
  • Workshop of around 300 minutes, that can be divided into 4 on-line sessions
  • 1 day workshop in-person.

List of Group Workshops

Sr. For Workshop Title
1 Anyone Breaking the Stress – How Minds Work
2 Professionals Coping with Stress, Relations & Emotions
3 Couples Couple Intimacy and How to Handle Differences
4 Youths Friendship, Love, Breakup, Live-in, Marriage etc.
5 Parents Parenting in Lockdown & Emotional Awareness
6 Students How to Study Fast & Effective
7 Psychology Lovers REBT in Practice


You can talk to me to brief your problem and to know about the counselling process and REBT.

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