Organizational Trainings

About Organizational Trainings

Organizations have concern about the performance of staff members as well as their psychological well-being as they go hand in hand.  Emotionally disturbed individuals cannot perform well.   Issues like stress, performance anxiety, depression etc. reduce their motivation. Values like Commitment, Consistency, Integrity, Empathy and good Inter-personal relations should be understood and internalized by individuals, then only they can reflect in their work.

Following group workshops are readily available for Organizations and Companies. in following forms

  • 90 minutes introductory session (on-line preferred)
  • Workshop of around 300 minutes, that can be divided into 4 on-line sessions
  • Or 1 day workshop in-person

    List of Group Workshops

    Sr. For Workshop Title
    1 Anyone Breaking the Stress – How Minds Work
    2 Professionals Coping with Stress, Relations & Emotions
    3 Couples Couple Intimacy and How to Handle Differences
    4 Youths Friendship, Love, Breakup, Live-in, Marriage etc.
    5 Parents Parenting in Lockdown & Emotional Awareness

    Some of our reputed clients

    Yashada, Pune

    All India Institute for Local Self Governance, Pune

    Zamwar Eye Hospital, Pune

    Deepastambh, Pune

    Chitra’s Cultural Katta, Satara

    Sai-Hitguj Manatla, Sangli

    Vichardhara Katta, Vasind

    For Groups in Alibag, Shrirampur, Karad etc.


    You can talk to me to brief your problem and to know about the counselling process and REBT.

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