My Specialties & Services

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Group Therapy


You can talk to me to brief your problem and to know about the counselling process and REBT.

My Expertise and Approach

I am working in this field of emotions and thoughts, responses and reactions for more than 15 years now. Yes, I have crossed the milestone of 10,000 hours of practise. Now I strongly believe that unless my clients understand their own thinking and emotional patterns, they will not be able to handle issues in life on their own. My help is to locate personal issues and behavioural patterns, to release clients from the baggage of past and then to practise this methodology for upcoming issues.  When this new thinking and behavioural pattern is set as lifestyle, happiness is long lasting.

Online Counselling and Workshops 
Before pandemic, I had a few individual clients from countries like USA, Canada, France etc. But during pandemic, in addition to individual sessions, I started online workshops which are now useful for Indians abroad and for clients from any village or city in India as well. 7pm to 9pm has become new suitable time for many friends all over the world.

You can talk to me to get relieved from conflicts and confusions as

Youth and Couple Issues

  • Friendship, Relationship,
    Live-in, Love, Breakup etc.
  • Hesitation, Confusions about Marriage
  • Pre-marital Doubts and fears
  • Couple Intimacy & How to handle
  • Coping with Break-up / Separation / Divorce

Individual level : Personal and Professional

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Isolation, Loneliness, Worthlessness
  • Low Self Confidence, Self Esteem
  • Emotional Blockage
  • Improving Communication, Social Skills
  • Conflict with Family Members
  • Handling Generation Gap


  • Basic Parenting skills
  • How children Learn
  • Emotional Awareness and Creative thinking
  • How to Connect with children
  • Lack of Concentration of child

Career & Profession Related

  • Change in profession or Career
  • Choosing Suitable Career
  • Stressful relations with Boss, Colleagues
  • Job satisfaction

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Sargam Apartment, 28, Raghukul Society, Opp. Girija Shankar Vihar, Bhagirathi Hospital Lane, Karve Nagar, Pune 411052