Group Sessions

Group sessions are very effective for dealing with various issues. Because of the sharing, group sessions work faster and help to relate with others’ experiences. Group interactions are useful for looking objectively towards the issues and reaching to options unlimited.
  • Effective Study Skills  (For 8th & 9th Std.)
  • Motivation & Study Skills (For 10th)
  • Dealing with Strengths & Weaknesses  (For  15years plus)
  • How to talk and deal with Kids?   
  • How to talk and deal with Teens?    
    • About their Studies, Behavior, Discipline, Reward, Punishment, Overuse of electronic gadgets, etc.
  • How to develop Emotional Intelligence & Creativity in children 
  • Dialogue with children on Sensitive Topics
    • When ? What?  and How?  to talk to children on issues related to sex education, feelings etc.
  • Stress in Relations : Personal / Professional 
  • Dealing with Change :
    • Need based sessions on  motivation, efficiency, commitment, creative work culture, communication etc. for staff on different levels

No change happens without realization. These sessions mainly try to relate people personally and emotionally with their issues and find out solutions.

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