Breaking the Barriers

It is an amazing concept that everyone should know. It is useful for men and women of all age groups (17 to 70)

Why Breaking the Barriers?

Most of us have a common complaint or a feeling,
“ I am doing absolutely well , but for the fact ……”
‘but for the fact..’ can be anything. Like Partner’s nature… Aggressive children… One’s Own diffidence….. Economic status.….Unsatisfactory Job….. Helpless Situation ….Rigid Social Norms etc. etc. can act like Barriers. Because of them one feels unconfident, angry, unhappy, helpless. For years together, one may harbour the feeling that “I am not good enough….”.

Breaking the Barriers is a refreshing session that gives a new approach to be aware of and identify our own mental barriers. It is a tool that unfolds techniques, options, exposure and experience to look at issues differently. This session helps to build confidence to solve the problems.
Interactive methods like group discussions, games help to provide insights.

Who can participate?

Anybody who is interested in understanding mental processes and those who are facing issues can participate. (Corporates, Individuals (men-women), Professionals, Students, etc.)

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This is the advance part of Breaking the Barriers.  During the process of internalization of this new approach and concept of barriers, support of discussions and sharing is necessary. Beyond the Barriers Workshop helps to understand   intricacies and complications in details.   

Who can Participate?

Those who have attended Breaking the Barriers Workshop
Focus : Generation Gap & Communication
Teens have 2 basic issues. Most of them can not communicate properly with elder ones. Even if they try, they are misunderstood. They want to play a significant role in whatever they do, but are not confident within. Such sessions inculcate   techniques to build confidence and handle the generation gap.
Focus : Relations and Pre-Post Marriage related Issues
Pre-marriage period and a couple of years after marriage are most important in the family life. Intimate bonding or strong differences both are formed during these years.  Many of us feel unconfident and avoid talking or dealing with marriage related issues. Some avoid even thinking about getting married due to some personal experiences.    This session helps to clear the vision about such delicate barriers.
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